Window to Freedom Opened

Posted: 2005 Oct 23 20:25 UTC

— After weeks of intense struggle which brought a neighborhood together, our Founder's front window was finally opened today, starting impromptu celebrations in the downtown area.

This window is finally opened.
Wasps engage in sex on the newly opened window's sill.

Balloons and doves were released by the throngs of people who had steadily increased in number as workers got closer to freeing the window from its paint-encased hell.

"Yeah, I don't know what the deal is, but with a lot of these older houses, the windows are all painted shut," said worker Juan Gonzales, who came in from Texas one week ago to assist with the liberation.

Leif moved into the Spanish Town house in July but only recently began plans to get the window open because of the cool fall air.

With the window open, workers dropped their chisels and hammers and sat down to enjoy the 70-degree breeze and drink ice cold water.

"It took a long time," said Gonzales, "but the look on the people's faces make it worth it."