Neighbor's Alarm Clock Thunderous

Posted: 2006 Feb 03 20:32 UTC

— For months, the serenity of quiet Spanish Town was shattered every morning by the barking of Leif's neighbors' dogs. Since the owners of the dogs — Hurricane Katrina evacuees — moved away, the sounds of morning have been replaced thanks to Leif's other neighbor.

The time the neighbor's alarm clock woke Leif up.

Instead of dogs' howling, the sound coming from through the wall by Leif's bed is the incessant pulsing buzz of an alarm clock.

"I guess it wouldn't be so freaking bad if I was someone who woke up early. Like a teacher or something," said the Founder this morning.

The beeping tends to start at 6:30 and continue until the neighbor wakes up, usually after 8:00.

"The walls are thin. It's like the clock is in my f***ing head, ripping my brain apart with a giant cheese grater," said Leif.