Neighbor's Dogs Destroy Peace

Posted: 2005 Oct 12 20:21 UTC

— The early morning is quiet and the residents of Spanish Town are fast asleep. Suddenly the calm is shattered by the loud barking of a million dogs on a fox hunt.

The dogs whose days are numbered.
Listen to Barking Dogs (363KB mp3)

But what appears to be a fox hunt producing sounds at every frequency in the range of human hearing is actually only a few dogs. Some mornings there are two dogs and other times there are up to six.

"I'm ready to shoot those dogs," said the Founder, who lives right next door to the beasts. His window is a mere ten feet from the gate in the driveway where the dogs enjoy yapping at absolutely nothing.

A chocolate lab is usually the instigator, followed everywhere by a white and black scruff ball. Sometimes they are joined by three identical black, fluffy bookend-sized dogs. There is also a pitiful chihuahua but it is usually too scared to keep up with the others.

"I swear to god, I'm so close to shooting those f***ers in the head," said a groggy Leif this morning.

The neighbors are evacuees from New Orleans who moved in the week after Hurricane Katrina hit the state. There are up to three families currently living in the same house, and they all brought their annoying dogs. It is unknown if they will be moving back to New Orleans or staying in Baton Rouge.