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Thanksgiving week: bread #3

Posted: 2011 Nov 26 (Sat) 21:43 UTC

Thanksgiving week: bread #3

For my third bread this week, I'm using up the butternut squash purée I had in the fridge. I also felt like adding some spices, cutting back on nutmeg to a surely safe level. Since the barley flour worked out so well before, I'm adding some in this one, too, but half as much to see how that affects things.

As usual, I'll be baking at 500°F for 10 minutes and then lowering the temperature to 400 or 425°F for the final 25 minutes.

It's rising right now. I'll add an update here later.

UPDATE: During the baking, the kitchen filled up with the smell of cinnamon. It was somewhat muted taste-wise, so it should be safe to double the spices without ill effects.
While I stayed away from adding sugar, I kinda think some sweetener would make it better.
Barley is a great addition to bread. I'll keep including it in my recipes.
I can't tell there's any butternut squash. I like pumpkin more. I have some sweet potato purée I'd like to try next.