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Thanksgiving week: bread #1

Posted: 2011 Nov 23 (Wed) 19:15 UTC

Thanksgiving week: bread #1

I've signed up to make three breads this week for three dinners. The first dinner is tonight, so I started last night to have half the dough "age" overnight. The trick: all the water, half the flour, and no salt. Then in the morning, add salt and the rest of the flour. The gluten will be well-formed and there will be a slight sourdough quality.

For the first bread, I wanted to make something somewhat light and less hearty than everything I normally make because I've got a different set of palates to satisfy than usual. I've researched barley and tried some in my morning cereal to see how it tastes. I've noticed that it adds a light moistness to oatmeal with a pretty subtle flavor, so I think it could work out. Last night, I wrote out my recipe on a white board before mixing. Here's the final recipe.

Last night, I mixed 1/2 cup barley, 3/4 cup all-purpose, and 3/4 cup of whole wheat in yeasty water. This morning is when I added the rest. I had intended on 1 3/4 cup whole wheat, but the dough was looking dry enough as is.

I'll add an update after it bakes and we eat it.

UPDATE: It rose and baked perfectly and was well-received. One comment: it tastes like the bread in Florence, Italy. Sounds like a keeper.

Because it went so well and it was late last night (Thanksgiving eve) when I started, bread #2 is going to be the exact same bread. I had wanted #2 to be a pumpkin spiced bread, but maybe bread #3 can be the new crazy one instead.