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Rugbrød redo

Posted: 2011 Jul 26 (Tue) 14:21 UTC

Rugbrød redo

Since two birthday meals finished up the last Norwegian rye bread attempt, I was able to jump back on the horse and retry my recipe already. I still had to concoct my own graham flour.

The process: warm milk, melt butter, grate peel of a medium-sized orange, mix ingredients in a large bowl starting from the first and ending with caraway seeds last, knead on a wood cutting board for a while, coat a clean bowl with canola oil, roll dough ball in the bowl to coat it, cover bowl with plastic wrap and towel, and let rise for 2 hours upstairs where it's warmer. Then came the interesting process of flattening the dough on a cutting board with my fingers and forming the dough into a loaf shape by a series of rolling and folding. I spritzed the top of the loaf and spread some rye flour on top. I preheated the oven to 500°F, covered the dough again, and waited 25 minutes or so. Then I slashed the top a few times, spritzed it with water again, and moved it into the oven. After 10 minutes, I lowered the temperature down to 375°F. I took the bread out 20-25 minutes later.

I don't know what the bread is supposed to taste like, but this is pretty good. The orange smell and taste stand out with some background anise flavor from the seeds. I'll call this recipe complete.

2019 UPDATE: More research on this shows me this is actually limpa, a Swedish bread, and rugbrød is Danish. Neither is Norwegian.