Beans n' Greens, installment one

Added: 2011 Aug 05 (Fri)

Total cook time: 40 minutes

10 Ingredients


1. Cut the sweet potato into "fries" (wedges) and roast on a greased cookie sheet at 450 for about 20-30 minutes, turning once midway.
2. Meanwhile, chop and brown onions and garlic in a large stew pot.
3. Coarsely chop mustard greens and add to stew pot. Pour about a cup of veggie stock over them and put a lid on the pot. Add salt and pepper. Turn the heat to medium low. Let simmer until potatoes are done.
4. Rinse black beans. Chop roasted potatoes. Add both to stew pot. Chop chipotle pepper and add. Spoon a bit of adobo sauce into pot. Add more veggie stock if mixture is dry. Serve in bowls.