A Better Sense of Place

2013 August 25 (Sun)

Land sculpting

This weekend, I wanted to just go through everything again and pull out large clumps of grass roots. As I was doing it, I remembered I had wanted to reform the ground a bit so that the very back brick area doesn't get swamped with water whenever it rains a lot. So I started digging a slight depression and a levee of sorts. It's hard to tell which way the water will drain, but it's looking kinda cool now. I made a little ridge and put the stepping stones on it. I guess I'll wait for the dirt to settle a bit. Hopefully, it'll rain at some point, too. Then I might just be ready for sowing next month. I haven't decided exactly when I want to. Perhaps mid-month.

Something I should mention: I discovered thick clematis roots just underneath the surface in the chicken yard. It's obviously been growing there a while. The thickest root was maybe 0.75". I don't think I was able to hoe it all up, so I'm sure I'll get that invasive vine sprouting up again at some point.