Leif Moving... Again

Posted: 2005 Jun 23 19:12 UTC

— It has only been a year since the last move, but Leif is changing residences again. A new location has been selected and items will gradually be shipped during the month of July.

"The new location is a quaint, purple house on Seventh Street near Spanish Town Road," said Founder Spokesman George Spielfisch. The Founder's current residence is River Palms Apartments on Third Street, which should technically be called River Road because it is the last road before the Mississippi River.

The WCSL Founder's lease with River Palms ends on July 31 and the new lease starts on July 1, which means the entire month of July will be double-paid.

River Palms is billed as having "Beautiful Views of the Mississippi River", but between the building complex and the river are a tall fence, large trees, a railroad track, and huge mounds of grey gravel. It is not known what the name of the gravel yard is.

"Spanish Town was awarded because of the more attractive environment," said Spielfisch. "River Palms was quietly stifling the creativity of our dear Founder, hexagon rooms or not."