Founder tops Leif list

Posted: 2007 Sep 30 01:23 UTC

— With the help of the WCSL website, the Founder is beginning to be recognized on the world stage, appearing in third place in Google searches for "Leif".

For the past couple weeks, Leif has slowly been creeping up the result list in Google to his current third place position, beating other famous Leifs such as Leif Garrett.

"Even a year ago after we've had our web presence for eight years, we couldn't even find the Founder in Google, so we are of course elated by this news," said Web Site Development Team member Petra Sunders.

Also of note, the search term "WCSL" in Google brings up in fifth place. At Yahoo, the Founder is in fourteenth place for "Leif" and third place for "WCSL".