Dan: Cruisin' to Cali

Posted: 2002 Sep 24 18:32 UTC

As most of you know, I've already left the swampy state of Louisiana for fair weather California. Some of you may be completely amazed: "Bottomfeeder made it?!" The answer is yes. Only one part popped off of the suspension while crossing a cattle guard in front of the Very Large Array in Soccoto, NM. Here are some interesting totals:

Total mileage: 2247 miles
Total gasoline consumption: 117.6 gallons
Total price of gasoline: $181.52
Bottomfeeder's gas mileage: 19.1 mpg!
Average price of gas across the Southwest of US: $1.54
Highest gas price: $1.99 (for the cheap stuff) in Baker,CA
Money spent on motels: ~$120
Money won in Vegas: $211 at the craps table
Highest elevation: >8000 feet
Sun burn factor: mild

As you can see the trip was a successful one. I do not know why Bottomfeeder's gas mileage increased so (driving to LIGO averaged only 16 mpg). Perhaps BF could more easily plow through the rarified air of the higher elevations. I did notice that BF's gas mileage increased as I went along. I calculated it at each fill-up. Along the way I had the chance to visit the following places:

Carlsbad Caverns (I even saw the Bat Flight)
The Very Large Array Radio Telescope
The Grand Canyon
Hoover Dam
The casinos in Las Vegas
As well as countless beautiful deserts and forests that make up our SW.

Well, now I am in Pasadena, CA preparing for the upcoming semester. If anyone would like to come visit me, please feel free to ask. I'd be happy to let you sleep on the couch. There's plenty to see and do in LA.

Takin' it easy for all you sinners,