LNR4: In Memory of Leif (2003)

In Memory of Leif (LNR4) album cover

# Tracks 22
Total Time 63:58
Source Computer (.wav)
Src Date 2002 - 2003
Mixing Cool Edit 96, Acid 1
Mix Date 2002 - 2003
Release Date

Album Notes

These songs are covers by bands that were inspired by Leif and his music. They appear together on this tribute album to pay homage to one of rock's most underrated artists. This is a collection of the least accessible songs by Leif. You just won't know what's going on. You may want to pull out your old teddy bear or call your mother.

Cover Art

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  1. this is) Apart (of me
    Track 1
    Length 5:59
    Size 6.8 MB
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    Notes The working title was "rev" for "reverse" since the main guitar track is reversed. But the thing that is coolest to me is the time signature (5/4).


  2. Everyone's Wrong
    Track 2
    Length 3:29
    Size 3.8 MB
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    Notes A simple 4-chord song written in May 1997, within a couple weeks of "Guy Across the Street". There are a lot of old unrecorded songs and this is just one example of my having enough motivation to record it. I broke out the harmonica my dad gave me in Norway on this one. The harmonica is cool: it sounds almost like an accordian, so I would say this song has a French flavor to it. But that's just me.

    Maybe I do and then maybe I don't
    Maybe I could and so maybe I won't
    All the animals have come out to sing a song
    Now, everyone's wrong
    Now, everyone's wrong

    I got this fear and I don't know why
    I's almost there but not quite
    If it's worth the time then maybe I'd try

  3. drunk on rum while wanting her
    Track 3
    Length 2:15
    Size 2.5 MB
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    Notes Recorded with a cheap computer mic dangling around my neck so that it would pick up the guitar.


  4. 'til i see her face again
    Track 4
    Length 1:32
    Size 1.7 MB
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    Notes ("Again with the power chords... But on acoustic?") I seem to be having grounding problems with the mic or sound card. There's a lot of background noise and I have to use noise reduction on everything I record. Whenever I record acoustic guitar, NR makes it sound tinny. Too bad I'm not going to do anything about that.

    It's time for a song that I think I ripped off of someone
    But I can't remember who it was
    It used to be that I could eat and I could sleep
    But I can't do that anymore

    Every day is wasted away
    I moved but I can't remember when
    I try to remain
    I know I have to wait
    'til I see her face again

  5. i am over here
    Track 5
    Length 3:35
    Size 4.4 MB
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    Notes Another old song with the basic structure sticking around for a few years. But it came out much better and punchier than I ever thought possible.

    I am over here
    It seems if I could just quite figure out
    Lock it in my ear and never see you again

    It's not that I don't care
    I could blame you and in fact I think I will
    Tie it with your hair and I will give it away

    Replace the air with water and I move on my own
    It stops my heart from beating and I move on my own
    I'm more alive then ever and I move on my own
    Must every day be the same? It is the same

    And I'm tired of all the me
    And then I'm sick of all the me
    I know I will think of how it used to be
    Waste the day in agony
    Alone I hear
    Close my eyes and try to breathe
    Imagine that I could believe
    These things will turn out right

  6. bridge
    Track 6
    Length 1:56
    Size 2.2 MB
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    Notes It takes a long time to go back to an old song because the old melody is hard to change since it's so stuck in my head. This was originally about clowns who lived across the street and drove across "my bridge" with dirty socks. The melody was minimal and just followed the guitar. It took forever to get something out of it. I kept the title because there were just too many songs to give new names for. And I know them by their old or working titles anyway.

    I wash away
    I believe that I'm hurt
    And I dare to focus my eyes
    I hear the voices around me
    But don't think I ever try

    Try to focus like they said I should
    Rip apart the thoughts I hate to have

    I learned today how to reserve my place
    In the mountains I lay there beside her
    With dew on our faces, we ate all the bread
    That we threw down to mark where we were

    Try to focus like they said I should
    Rip apart the thoughts I hate to have
    Swim across the rocks, they feel so good
    Cross your legs and wish that it will pass

  7. Moral Obligation
    Track 7
    Length 0:04
    Size 73.7 KB
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    Notes This is one of the phrases that just pop into my head at random times in my life.

    The way I see it, I have a moral obligation to purchasing footwear.

  8. something
    Track 8
    Length 2:33
    Size 3.1 MB
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    Notes I have guitar riffs sitting around untouched for a long time. I came back to this one and worked it into a song. I played harmonica again and sampled a ball that makes noises when you bounce it.

    All that wanna pop up and fay ri
    Maybe weigh another know
    I do want to tie a ro nu

    All that think I wanna know fay ri
    Might know that to buy a name
    I do want to lie around you

  9. Janie Jones
    Track 9
    Length 1:58
    Size 2.5 MB
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    Notes When Joe Strummer died, I was inspired to record a Clash song. I spent a lot of time on the vocals because I just couldn't sound punk enough.

    He's in love with rock and roll whoah
    He's in love with getting stoned whoah
    He's in love with Janie Jones whoah
    But he don't like his boring job, no

    And he knows what he's got to do
    He knows he's gonna have fun with you
    (You lucky lady)
    And he knows when the evening comes
    When his job his done
    He'll be over in his car for you

    In the in-tray, lots of work
    But the boss at the firm always thinks he shirks
    But he's just like everyone
    He's got a Ford Cortina
    That just won't run without fuel
    (Fill 'er up, Jacko)

    And the invoice, it don't quite fit
    There's no payollo in his alphabetical file
    (Except for the government man)
    This time he's gonna really tell the boss
    Gonna really let him know
    Exactly how he feels
    (It's pretty bad)

  10. Devil's Whorehouse
    Track 10
    Length 1:50
    Size 2.2 MB
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    Notes I just wanted to do a Misfits song since the harmonies are so cool and Glenn Danzig had a great voice. I picked this one because the chorus is fun.

    She works at the devil's whorehouse
    She loves carnality
    In her human pit of love
    Entrance into heresey well

    When I sin, I sin real good
    When I sin, I sin for sure

    Come on up to the devil's whorehouse
    Intimate hell of a demon slut, well
    Angels take their time in falling
    Come alive in the house that screams

    When I sin, I sin real good
    When I sin, I sin for sure
    Come alive in the house that screams
    Come alive in the house that screams

    This is the devil's whorehouse
    Nighttime for beating backs, well
    This is the devil's whorehouse
    Nighttime for midnight masses

  11. loud
    Track 11
    Length 3:56
    Size 4.5 MB
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    Notes The album release was delayed for so long because of this song. It goes everywhere. I recorded all tracks for, say, the first verse, then stared at it wondering what it should do next. Then I would record another chunk and stare again. The ending departed so much from the beginning and I wasn't sure if it should end or return. I decided to sample movies and go pseudo-techno.

    Days go by and by they go
    My wasted life no one will know
    I stop to clear my mind
    They won't tell me what I need

    Even though the day is clear
    My wasted breath is wasted here
    The lines in my spine
    Are saying not to breathe

    I skip a line and lose my flow
    Then crumble down, I wanna go
    I used to think I could
    Now I only want to leave

    If I only knew that I
    Could ever really find
    Anything that's really worth a damn before I die

    I can't help it. The whole time I was tied up, I was thinking of you.
    Oh. Maybe we should save the rope.
    Maybe you think you're fast enough to keep up with us, huh?
    A lot faster than you'll ever live to be.
    You have me confused with someone else.
    How many sins could you have committed in three days?
    There's no time!

  12. ok
    Track 12
    Length 6:01
    Size 6.7 MB
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    Notes Expect more stuff like this one. Repetitive single-phrase songs that are more musically-based than lyrically-based.

    Everything is ok
    I had a dream today and everything is ok
    I like waking up 'cause everything is ok

  13. when i think about rachel
    Track 13
    Length 8:14
    Size 9.3 MB
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    Notes I intended to start doing more songs like this. Where I come up with a phrase and then sit at the drums and just come up with shit, recording the first take, then adding guitar to it. I sound like a drunk drummer. I kinda was, but I really am that bad. I was unsure if I should redo it all since I now have the structure, but I know from past experience that the second time isn't as good. It's less spontaneous and less raw.


  14. random
    Track 14
    Length 6:27
    Size 7.8 MB
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    Notes I also wanted to do more songs like this. Random mood-based music where I just bang on things to express how I'm feeling at that moment. First take and just a simple mixing.


  15. wait for you
    Track 15
    Length 2:47
    Size 3.2 MB
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    Notes I had a chord progression and hit record. I came up with the (simple) words and structure on the spot. Then I filled in with more vocal tracks.

    Wait for you
    I will wait for you

  16. elnit3
    Track 16
    Length 3:25
    Size 4.0 MB
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    Notes The song that won't go away. We (Andrew, Phil, me, Jacques, Betsy, and Casey) have played on, recorded, and/or mixed this so many times over the years. I decided to take control and do it my way. Minimal guitar work here, but it's a new style for me. It wasn't intentional; it just happened. Also, I changed the original melody since I like coming up with harmonies and in doing so, found a much more interesting melody. (Andrew Toups wrote this one; "Everyone's Last Night in Town".)

    I'm here
    You're here
    We'll never be together again
    I'm good
    You're good
    Things never go the way we plan

    But if you want to come along
    Well hurry up before I'm gone
    Forget about your rights and wrongs, baby

    We'll see each other again
    I'd love to
    'Cause I love you
    At least for now that's the plan

    But if you want to get it on
    Your boyfriend's passed out on the lawn
    Tonight's our chance for sweet romance, baby

    Well, I'm just wondering what the hell's wrong with me
    I'm just wondering should I be worried
    I'm just wondering should I believe you
    When you say it's ok
    (It's not ok!)

    'Cause I'm just wondering what the hell's wrong with me
    Oh, me
    Well, everybody here is ignoring me
    My friends treat me like some kind of nonentity
    I'm just wondering if I should be pissed or maybe sick
    (I'm sick!)
    I'm sick of you and I'm sick of me
    And I'm sick of everything
    I'm sick of everything

    Oh, if you want to get it on
    Well, hurry up before I'm gone
    Tonight's our chance to right some wrongs, baby
    I don't know what's going through your mind
    But I've died one thousand times in mine
    I love you a million times more than I know you

  17. Announcement
    Track 17
    Length 0:18
    Size 0.3 MB
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    Notes Okay... this is really just filler. (Because I need filler when the CD is almost 74 minutes.)

    Attention. Whoever it was who walked into the underground arboretum, screaming and throwing up on the rabbits, is to report to the main office immediately. Also, whoever stole my lunchbox and took a crap on my computer monitor needs to see me at the earliest convenience. Thank you.

  18. Is This the Way It Should Be?
    Track 18
    Length 3:19
    Size 4.0 MB
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    Notes Written in June 1995 a few days after writing most of the lyrics for "Running Down the Hall". Not many words, as it is with a lot of songs, but I now spend more attention on adding as many interesting tracks as possible. Listen carefully on headphones; I don't do things accidentally on any song.

    Is this the way it should be?
    You worry me
    You worry me
    Are you gonna be alright?

    The voices tell me to lie
    They're always right
    They're always right
    They say that you are mine

    La la la la la la la
    La la la la la la la

    Yo, my brother. Long time, no see. We'll link up again still. Take it easy.

  19. It's Tricky
    Track 19
    Length 2:41
    Size 3.2 MB
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    Notes I can't remember why I wanted to cover Run-DMC. Maybe it was when I was listening to an mp3 of them and looked into this song. I read that the guitar is sampled from "My Sharona". I had no idea, and I still can't tell. I sampled the drum sounds and sped up the song. The guitar and bass is me.

    This speech is my recital
    I think it's very vital
    To rock (a rhyme) that's right (on time)
    It's Tricky is the title, here we go

    It's tricky to rock a rhyme
    To rock a rhyme that's right on time
    It's tricky

    I met this little girlie
    Her hair was kinda curly
    Went to her house and bust her out
    I had to leave real early
    These girls are really sleazy
    All they just say is please me
    Or spend some time and rock a rhyme
    I said, "It's not that easy"

    In New York the people talk and try to make us rhyme
    They really (hawk) but we just (walk) because we have no time
    And in the city it's a pity 'cause we just can't hide
    Tinted windows don't mean nothin', they know who's inside

    When I wake up people take up mostly all of my time
    I'm not singin', phone keep ringin' 'cause I make up a rhyme
    I'm not braggin', people naggin' 'cause they think I'm a star
    Always tearin' what I'm wearin', I think they're goin' too far
    A girl named Carol follows Daryll every gig we play
    Then D dissed her and dismissed her, now she's jockin' Jay
    I ain't lyin', girls be cryin' 'cause I'm on TV
    They even bother my poor father 'cause he's down with me

    We are not thugs (we don't use drugs) but you assume (on your own)
    They offer coke (and lots of dope) but we just leave it alone
    It's like that y'all (y'all), but we don't quit
    You keep on (rock!) shock! 'Cause this is it

  20. TRMjam
    Track 20
    Length 5:13
    Size 6.5 MB
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    Notes This was recorded late one night in the basement of the physics building at LSU. Jon, Phil, and I had a few jam sessions and this one was recorded live. It was cool but sounded like crap. So I got the original drum loop (since it was a sample) and seriously worked with it. The lead guitar was very repetitive since Jon's never played guitar before, so I cut up and spliced the guitar track (which was obtained by doing some cool noise reduction on the original wav). This is a weird mix of live music and much production.

    Come on

  21. ri
    Track 21
    Length 3:16
    Size 3.7 MB
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    Notes I didn't want to come up with any more lyrics, so this is what you get.

    I'm setting up the page
    And losing all the same
    With senses dead

    I struggle for a thought
    My attention you have got
    My useless head

    I'm drinking alcohol
    And sitting on the wall
    I'm not hungry

  22. what it sounds like to hurt
    Track 22
    Length 2:48
    Size 3.1 MB
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    Notes Another expression of raw emotion.

    Oh god