LNR2: Things in Your Head (2001)

Things in Your Head (LNR2) album cover

# Tracks 14
Total Time 37:14
Source Computer (.wav)
Src Date 1995 - 2001
Mixing Cool Edit 96, DDClip, Acid
Mix Date 2001 Jul - Sep
Release Date

Album Notes

Here is the second batch of songs. These aren't from my old 4-track tapes (except track 11). They were (mostly) recorded directly to computer so that I could actually get it right this time. I taped 5 of them the week I installed Acid and it was fun to watch them coagulate. ("Crystalize" if you prefer a less gorey word.) The last 4 tracks are in a way "bonus" in that they've been added on after I had originally burned my master copy.

Cover Art

Here's the "artwork" (covers) for this CD in the case that you never got a real copy or spilled coffee on the original. (These images are 150 dpi.)


  1. Night Has Come
    Track 1
    Length 4:39
    Size 5.2 MB
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    Notes I was just starting adding drums to songs so I didn't know what I was doing. It was written in October 1996 during some messy emotional crap with my then-girlfriend. I guess the ending lyrics gave the CD its title ("What is the thing that\'s in your head?"), but I was also noticing that I say the word "head" a lot in the first few songs.

    The night has come, it's quiet and alone
    And outside the air is like cement
    And my window frames the street for me
    I'm in my chair swimming in defeat

    And I'm here thinking all is lost
    And I hear the whispering beneath
    And don't say that I shouldn't think
    About it 'cause I am

    (Then I will stop with nothing more to say
    I'm not going anywhere
    Left behind in the same place, nudged from time to time and caused to stir
    When I am here, she is content)

    The fire has burned out and has left
    Me ashes I use for my bed
    And my dead mind slips and circles round
    The insides of which I can't get out

    And I'm here thinking all is lost
    And I hear the whispering beneath
    And don't say that I shouldn't think
    About it 'cause I am

    And I I take everything that's on the floor
    Floor rots turn into what I want
    Want you flying crazy in the sky
    Sky and I lose
    And I I I can't reach and grab for what I want
    Want what is the thing that's in your head
    The thing that's in your head

  2. D7
    Track 2
    Length 2:39
    Size 3.0 MB
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    Notes I've never heard the original version of this song (by the Wipers). I've only heard the Nirvana cover. This song would be amazing to play live in a small club with a bunch of crazy moshers.

    Standing on the stairs
    Cold cold morning
    Ghosts speak __ fear
    M'aidez m'aidez
    Gonna leave this region
    They'll take me with them
    Dimension seven

    Straight as an arrow
    Defect defect
    Not straight, not so straight
    Reject reject
    'Cause antisocial
    So dull so dull

    Standing on the stairs
    Cold cold morning
    Go sleep into fear
    M'aidez m'aidez
    Gonna leave this region
    They'll take me with them
    Dimension seven

  3. Reasons Lost
    Track 3
    Length 1:04
    Size 1.2 MB
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    Notes This one is from February 1996 and the mp3 fits on a 3.5" floppy. I don't think there's any bass guitar in this or the last song. The magic came out when I added the "hey" during the chorus. Again, I mention the word "head": "It's all in your head."

    Reasons lost and reasons hated
    Too bad for you 'cause I created
    Everything that you now see
    You can't change a single thing
    Just because that we don't care
    Doesn't mean it isn't there
    You don't notice
    You don't notice
    You don't notice
    You don't notice it's all in your head

  4. Calculus
    Track 4
    Length 2:11
    Size 2.5 MB
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    Notes Hmm... apparently this was written four days before "Reasons Lost". Oh, and I can now say that I no longer hate calculus. Good times with the three tracks of vocals for the verses, and I got to rhyme "rest" with "derivatives".

    You know I really tried my best
    I just took a really hard test

    But I
    You know I really hate calculus
    Oh god, I really hate calculus
    You know I really hate calculus

    Studied today, I didn't get no rest
    Integrals and derivatives

  5. Please Don't Call Now
    Track 5
    Length 4:19
    Size 4.8 MB
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    Notes I recorded the guitar verses with my acoustic guitar intact. By the time I got to making up a large bridge/interlude/whatever, the plastic nut had broken and my fat E string was flopping around on the frets. (That's the rattle you hear at 1:53+.) I wrote the words in Aug 1999 and Jun 2000 and only finished in 2001. This song took longer to get around to finishing than any other.

    I keep you alive
    Keep breathing, try
    Eyes roll back, no, damn
    And back you slide
    I realize
    You haven't much time
    You cough blood no damn oh

    Swing that side wall
    And please don't call me
    I can make you falling down
    Die off slowly
    Then look right through me
    I can make you falling down

  6. project 06
    Track 6
    Length 1:54
    Size 2.1 MB
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    Notes That's the AM dial you hear throughout. It was time for me to use the cliché.


  7. Prime Us
    Track 7
    Length 2:37
    Size 3.1 MB
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    Notes This has got to be from some time after 1998 since I used DDClip and its 4 tracks to make it. I placed each and every wav drum hit by hand. I think I used James Brown snare and hi-hat and RHCP kick. The guitar-sounding thing is from "Tommy the Cat" by Primus, hence the name.


  8. Acoustic Thing
    Track 8
    Length 2:47
    Size 3.0 MB
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    Notes This is one of the first things I did with DDClip at the end of 1998. I didn't realize that I should use a 44.1kHz sampling rate instead of 22. I didn't put this on Dead Pigs because I thought it sucked too much. But I relented when the fans petitioned. I put it up on mp3.com and some fool included it for the Folk Rock mp3.com radio station they created (however that works).

    Leave it alone, it hasn't grown
    I haven't grown, leave me alone
    I'm not the same, am I insane?
    Is it ingrained or in the way?

    They sadly came and took away all the drowning carload
    That may be why I really die when I can find so why bother?
    By the way the bastards came and took away your sport coat
    I tried to say and take away but they just gave me another

  9. i cannot see
    Track 9
    Length 1:22
    Size 1.5 MB
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    Notes I don't know what I was thinking for this one. The melody came from a dream I had. I always dream of really bad-ass songs but can never remember them when I wake up.

    I I cannot see
    I don't know why
    Don't ask me how come
    That you
    You are not me
    You never will be
    So don't sympathize

    Tell me what it means
    So I can walk across the sky
    And I will turn off all the lights
    And gather all the sympathy
    I'll ask you why are you like me
    When I accentuate your hate
    And you will clean off all your plate
    And then go hide between the trees

  10. She Enters Smiling
    Track 10
    Length 2:46
    Size 3.1 MB
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    Notes Based on actual events. A post-dumpage song. Very post as it was 9 months later. How about that disco drum ending? The original CD burning ended with this song. I eventually added 4 more songs and gave the first master CD away at an open mic night in exchange for the winner paying for my drink.

    Clawing inner membrane tissue that leaves scratches in my head
    Even though she entered smiling, I remember all that she said
    It's hard to make myself realize
    That the scabbing is only now healing over
    If I let this achingly lonely aspect of my psyche
    Let it just take me over
    I would
    Back this up, slow it down
    Maybe give me more time
    Lay me down and let you read my mind

    Sitting on a stone bench carving watching thinking of what she said
    My response time lagging only now I'm realizing what she meant

    And I don't know fight come down
    Come inside
    Try to know me now
    Why should I cry somehow
    I move on

  11. HS-500 Symphony
    Track 11
    Length 2:06
    Size 1.9 MB
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    Notes I got an HS-500 Yamaha when I was 7 and I taught myself how to play christmas songs on it. This song was recorded in 1983. Okay... not really.


  12. Open Ocean
    Track 12
    Length 2:15
    Size 2.4 MB
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    Notes "Open Ocean" is my most favoritest song. Ever. It was recorded the same morning I wrote it. The first demo recording was screwed up by CoolEdit so what you hear is the second demo recording. I liked the way it sounded overall and didn't re-record it. The night before I was told to get over a girl who lived just too far away to be practical (1600 miles). When I woke up, I was listening to some sad Doo-Wop and decided to write something like that. I don't think I did, but I got a good song.

    I'll apologize now for a sad song
    Sixteen hundred miles of open ocean

    Maybe I can row it
    Maybe I can swim it
    Maybe I would drown
    And if I were to go there
    Things might turn out badly
    Go back home

    Should have known
    And here is the dumb thing
    If she wasn't if she isn't wherever she's now
    I would still have to write her letters
    Instead of hearing her very sweet sound

  13. Necessarily
    Track 13
    Length 2:20
    Size 2.7 MB
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    Notes Written in May 1995, the same year as classics such as "It's Claire", "Running Down the Hall", "Is This the Way It Should Be?", "Oh Me", "Finding What I Want", "Bridge", and the hit "Butt Muffs", it was only in 2001 that music magic was maximized with bass and a guitar solo.

    Don't whisper your name
    You are not the same
    As all the rest of them
    You don't sleep in your own bed
    Oh, you don't dream that you're ahead
    You don't necessarily

  14. With My Cosmic Rays I Will Smite You
    Track 14
    Length 4:41
    Size 5.1 MB
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    Notes The beat came into my head at work (physics student worker). I was working on a cosmic ray data acquisition system. All non-percussion sounds are from guitar, reworked with CoolEdit96.